De-consolidating the Apple Finance Board

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    Posted: 02 October 2012 12:51 PM

    Greetings, all—For those of you that missed the note in the announcements forum (or simply came here first), I wanted to post something similar here.

    In short, today we’re de-consolidating the Apple Finance Board forum. Over the past 10 (or more!) years, the AFB forum had become a single place for lots of different types of Apple-related discussion, with a lot of it NOT related to AAPL (the stock). We’re fixing that today, and general discussion—including general stock discussion about AAPL (the stock)—will happen in 1 Infinite Loop, tech support and general Q&A will happen with the Mac Geek Gab Crew, and other discussions will happen where appropriate.

    As for AFB, we’re putting a cap on adding new topics. This became a home for a small group of seriously-focused options traders, and as it turns out that was never a great fit here at TMO. It worked, but only because there was very little interaction between the options traders here, and the rest of TMO (including news content and forums) elsewhere. And, as I said, the conversation here tended to overshadow the rest of the forums, oftentimes stifling conversation from happening in its more appropriate threads elsewhere.

    So today we fix that, which includes moving some of the more recent, general-purpose threads out of the AFB and to their more appropriate homes. I know many of you are as happy about this as I am. See you there! wink

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