Class action lawsuit against big CD companies…

  • Posted: 08 January 2003 08:15 AM

    Since selling CDs is my business, and these big corporations are our competitors, I find this pretty interesting. Wired has an article about a class action lawsuit that apparently isn’t seeing much response…if you bought a CD between 1995 and 2000 in America (I’m assuming), then perhaps you should submit your name!



  • Posted: 08 January 2003 08:52 AM #1

    Done, thanks.  But we don’t want *too* many responses.  After all, we want to get 20 bucks, not 5 (or none). :D

  • Posted: 08 January 2003 11:49 AM #2

    I’ll take all the money I can get right now, but it looks like we won’t see it until at least March.


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  • Posted: 08 January 2003 02:26 PM #3

    A class-action lawsuit against US prices rolleyes . We sure could use one here then. New CDs sell for $22 here. Yes that’s twenty-two dollars for a new CD. They’re cheaper in Germany, so I get some from there.


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  • Posted: 08 January 2003 02:48 PM #4

    Are they American releases, hoytt? Or from European companies?



  • Posted: 08 January 2003 11:43 PM #5

    It all depends on which store you go to, and which country you shop in. In Belgium, there’s 21% tax on CD’s (they’re in the “leisure goods” class, just like -oddly enough- computers).

    But even taking that into account, some Belgian music stores (Bilbo and Music Mania) try to keep their prices as low as possible. New CD’s can easily be found there for prices ranging from 16? to 18?. Fnac, another big store, frequently has “green prices” on new releases. Those are 17?.

    High street stores are a totally different story, though. They charge an arm and a leg! New CD’s frequently sell for as much as 22? to 26?. These chains are simply ripping people off!

    Moral of the story: shop in Belgium, hoytt (and visit a small, specialised store instead of big chains)



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