What do you think of iPad mini? (after seeing in person)

  • Posted: 05 November 2012 11:05 AM

    I stopped by Best Buy on Friday to check them out.

    I already like the idea of the iPad mini, but I got really excited about it after actually holding one.

    It is actually pretty easy to hold it one-handed as shown in the ads (though I am a large guy so I have bigger hands than some.)

    The weight is very comfortable.

    I think typing one-handed is a lot more practical than on the big iPad. You can hold the mini with your hand around the back, and type with the other. On the full-size iPad, if you want to type one-handed while standing, you hold the iPad by the corner or side by gripping it with your thumb, which gets old pretty quickly.

    Overall I’d say if you mostly use the iPad on a table or desk or on your lap, the big one might be preferable for its screen size and resolution. But if you want to carry it around a lot and like to use it without setting it down, I think the mini is probably preferable.

    What are your thoughts?

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  • Posted: 17 November 2012 09:59 PM #1

    Typing on mine now. For pure consumption like books, browsing, and some email, ... It’s unbeatably.  It really is nice and light and easier to handle / hold. I look forward to a retina model when it comes as this will enhance the consumption factor with crisp imagery. For productivity, yes productivity on an iPad, using it like a netbook with a keyboard or the on screen keyboard, and watching videos, the standard iPad is the way to go. I have both, but find I use the mini more for my style of consumption. I switch to my Air for my productivity; but I can see someone just owning an iPad and doing all they would ever need. Heck, with an HDMI connector, you could connect it to a large 1080 monitor if you wanted a desktop screen, ... Hum ...  Time to design a dock…