iPod Anniversary

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    Posted: 11 November 2012 12:07 AM

    11 years ago today, Apple Computer, Inc. premiered the iPod. AFAIK, I was the first person to ever buy one, as I knew of a dealer who would let me buy it the night before. I had it filled with 900 some-odd songs right away. I couldn’t get up to 1,000 songs because I had quite a few classic rock songs that were very long, like Thick As a Brick, which is nearly 45 minutes long between two tracks.


    Alan Keith Carver
    Federal Way, WA

  • Posted: 11 November 2012 01:37 AM #1

    Good catch! Hard to believe it has been so long. At the time I never would have guessed what other product categories it would lead to for Apple. (posted from my iPhone!) smile

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    Posted: 15 November 2012 04:48 PM #2


    I never could have imagined just the huge scope of success iPod would have, let alone leading into the iPhone. The iPhone, on the other hand, was so obviously a hit smack out of the ballpark when unveiled that I don’t think anyone—except Ballmer and RIM—doubted that it would be a runaway success.


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