Samsung $500 Galaxy Camera—why???

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    Posted: 12 November 2012 06:08 PM


    Samsung is unveiling an impressive point-and-shoot, 16-megapixel, Android Jelly-Bean-powered, AT&T data-networked camera for $500. The specs are very impressive:

    $500 Samsung Galaxy Camera Hits AT&T Friday

    I just have to wonder: With dSLRs near that price range, and smart phone cameras nearly as capable (plus, ya know, they have that “phone” thing included), does this really have a market at all? I just have to wonder what large market they think they can grab when so many point-and-shoots are going the way of the dinosaur. Given the money, I’d stick with my iPhone 4S and an entry-level dSLR for more serious photography.


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  • Posted: 15 November 2012 02:45 PM #1

    Agreed. I am also confused by this product.

    The primary advantage I can see is that it offers purportedly better quality than leading mobile phone cameras with the ability to upload images anywhere via a cellular data connection.

    Mobile phones can already play the upload anywhere game, and DSLRs are starting to get Wi-Fi functionality (Canon 6D). At a lower price I can see the Galaxy camera being a nice option for folks not interested in a larger DSLR, and maybe the $500 price is simply the early adopter penalty in action.

    It will be interesting to see this camera in action, and see where it goes in the future price-wise.