Xmas Printer Recommendation

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    Posted: 27 November 2012 02:11 PM

    We have an Epson NX400 all in one printer/copier/scanner. We’ve used it hard and it’s showing its age. I want to update it for a family Xmas present and I’m looking for a recommendation.

    The system has to
    Scan (My wife’s 2013 project it to digitize boxes of pictures on film)
    Copy (if it does the first two, this is likely a gimme.)

    It would be nice if:
    It were Ethernet ready or even wireless. I’d like to free up the USB port on my Airport.
    It was Laser. The print quality tends to be better than inkjet and the prices have been coming down.

    Or would it be better to get a printer and a separate scanner?

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    Posted: 05 December 2012 08:25 PM #1



    I think a limiting factor here will be the quality you need for your wife’s photo scans. I bought a dirt-cheap HP inkjet all-in-one at WalMart for about $60, and it prints, scans, and copies just fine for my needs, but it would never be able to scan the way my old SCSI UMAX scanner did. I think your choice comes down to the level of quality you need those scans to be, and depending on that, you may truly need a separate scanner. The all-in-ones scan faxable-quality, not art quality. And I certainly would never use it to scan anything for my graphic design or web development work. (Honestly, with the advent of quality digital cameras, I haven’t needed a scanner for my work for many years now.)


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