Are You Holding Out for a Retina iPad mini?

Poll: Are You Holding Out for a Retina iPad mini?
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Yes. I want the higher resolution and I don’t mind waiting.
Yes, but I bought a mini now anyhow.
No. The current resolution is just fine.
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    Posted: 10 December 2012 11:56 AM

    The iPad mini doesn’t include a Retina Display—at least not yet. Are you holding out for a higher resolution version of the iPad mini, or are you buying now?

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    Posted: 10 December 2012 12:41 PM #1

    I’m waiting for the Mk.II iPad Mini whether that’s Retina or just a faster processor. I just prefer to not get the first version of anything.


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  • Posted: 10 December 2012 12:54 PM #2

    While I’m not personally in the market for one, my standing advice to friends and family who are is to wait for next years.

    In some ways it’s less about the screen then it is about the underlying CPU/GPU. The jump in performance between the A5/A5X and the A6/A6X is just a little head spinning when one stops and thinks about how small/thin the device they’re in. We’re already starting to see the ‘games’ end of things begin to weed out non-GPU wired chips (A4 and lower). A5 is okay for now but it’s coming up on Apple’s 3 year life cycle rather quick. There is also the question about Lighting connector and what it is actually capable of doing, such as USB3.

    Many reasons to wait for a Mark 2.

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    Posted: 10 December 2012 01:34 PM #3

    Was, but bought a mini anyway.
    We were going to wait.
    But, my wife has a business trip to Paris scheduled in January.
    She bought a mini on Saturday.
    She also has a guaranteed buyer for this iPad when the retina version comes out.


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  • Posted: 10 December 2012 04:25 PM #4

    This is my first iPad and I really enjoy the smaller size and lighter weight. I have no issue with the lack of a retina display and would much rather have the superior battery life than the higher resolution.

  • Posted: 10 December 2012 07:06 PM #5

    I’ve had every iPad made to date, and despite the lack of retina, my iPad 4 just landed in my wife’s hands because all of my time is spent with the mini. (LTE).  The form factor is perfect for almost every task.  I think with a split keyboard in portrait; I even type faster than on the full size model.


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    Posted: 11 December 2012 10:07 AM #6

    I got one, and I’m very happy with it. It’s 98% of iPad at half the weight and size! Love it.

    The display I find is fully sharp enough for me. It’s only at side-by-side comparison that I notice a difference. And I find that difference to be pretty much cosmetic. Tiny text looks different, but is totally readable on the Mini.

    I think the Mini along with the Kindle Paperwhite for books, are the best e-readers today.


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  • Posted: 11 December 2012 02:45 PM #7

    For quite some time I had been using the iPad 2, assigned to me from work.

    A week or two ago I had the good fortune of also getting an iPad mini.  (I do tech support and IT stuff, so I need to be able to test on different devices. Lucky me. smile)

    Since getting the iPad mini I have hardly touched the iPad 2. I prefer the mini for size and weight most of the time. The only case where I could really see preferring the iPad 2 is if I were watching movies and simply wanted a bigger screen.

    Of course coming from the iPad 2 I am not used to a Retina display on my iPads, but I find the mini’s screen to be quite nice. Obviously it is higher DPI (same number of pixels crammed into less space) so it appears sharper even though I’m seeing the same image shrunk down.

    In short, my verdict is that I love it. I certainly wouldn’t mind if it were Retina… but I like it so much as-is that wouldn’t swap it out for an iPad 3 or 4.