What’s Your Favorite Pointing Device?

Poll: What's Your Favorite Pointing Device?
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Graphic Tablet
Something Else Entirely
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    Posted: 20 December 2012 10:59 AM

    There are plenty of ways to move the pointer around your screen: mice, trackpads, trackballs, and more. What’s your favorite cursor input device?

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    Posted: 20 December 2012 11:02 AM #1

    I actually use a Kensington Orbit trackball as my primary pointing device, plus a Magic Mouse for some gestures. I switch to my Wacom Intuos tablet if my wrist gets sore. Looks like I can’t commit to just one device.

  • Posted: 20 December 2012 11:22 AM #2

    I actually use all of the above, as appropriate, mostly trackpad.
    But none of them help with a tremor in my hand, which I have always had, but is getting worse as I get older.
    Maybe an auto zoom function for some of these devices would help with fine motion selection. I have tried some third party autozooms in the past.


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  • Posted: 20 December 2012 11:23 AM #3

    Started using the Magic Trackpad and I can’t ever go back to a mouse.  The trackpad on a Macbook doesn’t work as well for me though.  Maybe it’s the size (smaller real estate) or the position right in the middle where it forces you to bend your wrist to the right, or left if you’re a southpaw.

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    Posted: 20 December 2012 11:27 AM #4

    Likely mine will be the only vote for Trackpad.
    Being in IT I’ve used a lot of different pointing devices from mice, to trackballs to those little rubber knob thingies that IBM put in their ThinkPad keyboards *ugh*. Somehow I just got the trackpad. I find it intuitive and simple. I find it interesting though that most of my users HATE trackpads. Several even carry little mice with them to use with their notebooks. I do everything on my MacBook Pro with the Trackpad. Even art. At one time a few years back I was looking at a small Wacom tablet but when they increased the size of the built in trackpad for my ‘08 MacBook and added gestures I didn’t see a need.

    EDIT: I just looked back at the survey and apparently I’m not alone on this. Who knew…

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  • Posted: 20 December 2012 04:58 PM #5

    I use a Kensington Expert Mouse trackball.  I’ve always found trackballs to be more efficient, and the Kensington is great because of the cue ball-size ball.  It’s extremely fast from one corner of the screen to the other.  And I don’t have to pick it up!

    It’s also easier on my wrist than a trackpad or mouse.  I also use a Wacom tablet for fine work.

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    Posted: 20 December 2012 05:00 PM #6

    Count me among those who do not like trackpads.  It is easier to be pixel-precise with a trackball.  Tablets are ok, but I still like the mouse the best.  Although if I were able to skip around all of my apps just using the keyboard (as one can in, say, vi), I’d do that as much as possible.

    As for which mouse…I hate Apple’s lack of separate physical buttons, but I love the Mighty Mouse scroll ball.  I just wish it wouldn’t get dirty so easily.  I dropped it in favor of a relatively cheap Logitech once I had to clean the ball more than once per day (blank white paper method).  But I also dislike the Logitech’s taller profile, not to mention the design clashes with my Apple hardware.  :D So, as far as I’m concerned, the perfect mouse does not exist.

  • Posted: 21 December 2012 05:50 AM #7

    Apple’s trackpads are great and gestures are very useful, but for precise pinting and work I really love trackballs. They’re just the superior device.


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    Posted: 21 December 2012 05:23 PM #8


    I prefer a mouse as a graphic and website designer for the precision. I loved the Apple Mighty Mouse but hated, as others have said, how easily the scroll ball got gunked up. The Magic Mouse is now my all-time favorite pointing device ever. While it’s not perfect for Adobe Illustrator (the canvas always scrolls when I don’t want it to), it’s perfect for everything else. A true dream come true.


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  • Posted: 26 December 2012 09:29 PM #9

    I am hooked on the trackpad, especially with the multi-touch gestures available in newer operating systems. At work I use the trackpad on my MacBook Pro, at home I have a Magic Trackpad for my Mac mini.

  • Posted: 04 January 2013 11:28 AM #10

      Mouse is the favourite one . But then ,  i have started liking Magic Trackpad also. Unlike the other pointing devices from Mac, this one gives us an option to place it anywhere which is more convenient to us ( Provided that it is near to the blutooth connectivity) . The larger surface area is also an advantage.