What new Apple product do you want to see in 2013?

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    Posted: 31 December 2012 11:18 AM

    It’s time to start looking forward into 2013 as 2012 fades into the past, and Apple has no doubt been looking ahead to the new year for some time. What new products do you want to see from Apple in the coming year?

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    Posted: 31 December 2012 01:56 PM #1

    I want an iDesk or iTable. You know, iPad but bigger. Much bigger. Maybe more like iDraftingDesk for ergonomic reasons.


  • Posted: 31 December 2012 02:09 PM #2

    I have to say I am pretty darn happy with everything Apple has out right now. But I can always come up with a few things to wish for! smile

    In terms of Macs, I’d like to see some changes to the laptops. Right now we have too many: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Pro with Retina, each available with multiple screen sizes. I’d like to see them consolidated into a single line that comes in 11”, 13” and 15” with Retina and SSD across the board. Granted components prices may not be there yet, but I’d love to see this happen!

    A few wishes for iOS devices:
    - Better iPhone battery life. Don’t make the next model faster, just make it last longer.
    - Wouldn’t mind a retina iPad mini, though it’s pretty nice as it is. Perhaps they could do a second gen mini with Retina for $400 and drop the current one below $300.
    - Enhanced Passbook to make it a full fledged digital wallet with mobile payments. It’s crazy that in 2012 (almost 2013) I’m still carrying around a wallet with a couple dozen pieces of paper and plastic in it.

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    Posted: 31 December 2012 05:25 PM #3

    Update and completely redesigned Mac Pro.
    I do NOT want to see Apple start trying to sell a TV.
    An update to the Airport.
    NO Apple TV Set.
    As mentioned above a larger tablet to balance out the Mini.
    I want Apple to abandon the idea of a Television.
    A6 iPad Mini

    Apple succeeds where they can control and revolutionize a market. They cannot control TV content (the studios and cable companies do) and they cannot revolutionize the TV experience (it’s already mature.)

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  • Posted: 01 January 2013 05:38 PM #4

    A 5.0 inch size retina iphone 6. The rest needless to say.

  • Posted: 01 January 2013 09:24 PM #5

    Just get third party apps and the App Store on AppleTV, sit back and see what happens. Methinks something like when the App Store opened on the iPhone (maybe a little smaller).  Why not?


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    Posted: 01 January 2013 10:55 PM #6


    I couldn’t agree more. I think 3rp party apps for Apple TV is just what it needs. This will allow more options for video content and possibly the ability to subscribe to channels like HBO via an app. It would be nice to see what 3rd party developers can do with ATV.

    What would the iPhone or iPad be without the App Store?
    I’m sure Apple is working on an App Store for ATV and maybe we will see it in 2013.

  • Posted: 02 January 2013 08:42 AM #7

    I’d like for Apple to invest in new battery tecnology. Ok, faster chips and low power chips are good, but it’s time to step up and try something new as batteries go.

    Smaller price differences between line up models. 100 $ for only storage upgrades are indecent.

    No Apple Tv set. Please, really, no tv set. The future is content, so beef up che appleTv set top box with content, apps and an official XBMC client and don’t muck around with overpriced television sets. Really.

    Thicker desktops. The new iMacs are disappointing with laptop class HDD and no memory upgrades to gain what? slimmer borders? Come on!!

    And updates for iWorks… real updates this time. For the desktop versions please!! And new Aperture and Logic pro!! Don’t forget the pros, please!!

  • Posted: 03 January 2013 07:59 PM #8

    Andhaka - 02 January 2013 08:42 AM

    Thicker desktops. The new iMacs are disappointing with laptop class HDD and no memory upgrades to gain what? slimmer borders? Come on!!



  • Posted: 04 January 2013 11:04 AM #9

      I think i would like to have more   iWork applications that have much more better features than the existing ones.