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    Posted: 08 February 2013 12:42 PM


    I have a new iPad (2) and an iPhone 4S, both running the latest iOS and both with updated Facebook apps. But no matter what I do with settings, Facebook is not showing up in the Notification Center on either. I have a new iMac running Mountain Lion at work, and the Facebook notifications show up on it just fine.

    Anyone know why I can’t get them working on iOS, and if there are workarounds?


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    Posted: 15 February 2013 02:34 PM #1

    Interesting issue. I’m assuming you’ve looked in Settings>Notifications — does the Facebook app appear there? That would be step 1. I’m assuming it does, but that’s just the safety net.

    Beyond that, and because it’s happening on both of your iOS devices, you might need to configure your Push notifications at Facebook’s site. That may or may not help, and you might have to do it in the Facebook app itself.

    Facebook provides some instructions on this, but in general, launch the app, go to the menu in the top-left, and tap Account Settings > Notifications — that should allow you to choose what types of things you would like to be notified of there.

    Hopefully that helps?


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