Need advise - wired gigabit router

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    Posted: 22 February 2013 01:50 PM

    Good day to all. I am wondering if anyone can advise me on purchasing a gigabit router. I have a need for both wired and wireless connections. Wireless is OK as long as it has wired gigabit ports - I will just turn the wireless off.

    I currently run a Time Capsule in bridge mode behind my D-Link DI-604 router. This setup works fine for now, but only runs at 10/110 speeds and supports only IPV4. I am looking to gain both IPV6 support and gigabit speeds. The wired network supports gigabit ethernet.

    I would use the Time Capsule as my router but from what I have read it’s firewall is not as robust as what a standalone router offers. I was looking at the D-Link DIR-645 (on sale today at for just $60) but it did not get good reviews.  I am familiar with D-Link’s web-based administration so they get first consideration - just for easy transition to a new unit.

    Any ideas? Thank you in advance for your consideration.


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  • Posted: 07 March 2013 07:28 AM #1

    i have this same problem:/

  • Posted: 08 March 2013 06:34 AM #2

    i’m waiting for reply too

  • Posted: 16 June 2013 03:24 PM #3

    I really like the SonicWall TZ series of wired and wireless routers. They provide robust security with granular controls over your network. The previous generation of models can be found online new or used for just a couple hundred bucks.


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