Apple ID autofill problem

  • Posted: 01 March 2013 06:35 PM

    After moving and getting a new email address, I was able to call and get my Apple ID changed.  But now when I need to sign in - in order to approve update downloads- the auto fill thingy puts in my old email as my Apple ID and it won’t let me change it.  So I have no way to sign in.  Any ideas how to fix this?  I do not have apple care any longer.  Thanks.

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    Posted: 22 March 2013 05:16 PM #1

    Assuming you’re using Safari, this is easily fixed by going into Safari > Preferences > AutoFill and then click on the “Edit…” next to “User names and passwords.” FIlter in there for and remove anything that has your old address. THat *should* do it.


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  • Posted: 13 April 2013 07:36 PM #2

    I’m guessing you’re referring to App Store Updates? If so, you can change which account you’re logged into, under System Preferences > iCloud. If you’re having issues with the updater saying you’re logged into the wrong account, take a look at this solution:


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