Why Apple’s next big thing may already here.

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    Posted: 09 March 2013 10:06 PM

    When Apple introduced the iOS App Store in 2008 it catapulted Apple and the iPhone to new heights, made software developers overnight millionaires, and gave consumers powerful tools that changed their lives.  Analysts and Apple followers believe that the company needs to recreate this effect and disrupt the status quo to maintain their place as the worlds most valuable company.  But how do they develop another ecosystem that rivals the first.  The Mac App Store seems like the next logical ecosystem however there are several aspects that hold the Mac App Store back.  The Mac has had a nearly 30 year start without the App Store, it’s handy, it’s safe, it’s friendly but it’s not necessary.  Software for the Mac has been available for a long time from a lot of sources.  iOS also has a much broader reach, with sales outpacing the Mac and stunning growth.

    So what could Apple do that would put the iOS App Store to shame?  Siri could be the answer.  So far the personal digital assistant came on strong but the slow pace of development has failed to impress, however the potential locked in the software is not only stunning but world changing itself.  If Apple were to open Siri development to the public it would be a potential win not just for Apple but for Developers as well as consumers.  Imagine a section of the App Store that housed Siri plugins, an add on to make Siri more powerful and useful.  Nest Laboratories has an app that allows you to control their Nest thermostat from anywhere.  In order to do so you have to launch the app then use on screen controls to adjust the device.  Now imagine a Nest Siri plugin that allows you to pick up the iPhone, activate Siri and simply say “Nest 72 degrees.”  Siri understands Nest and routes the command to the Nest plugin, the Nest plugin then routes the command to the Nest server and it routes it to your thermostat.  CBS could potentially create a Star Trek app that would be able to answer any questions about the Star Trek universe. “Star Trek, who was captain of the Enterprise C?”  And Siri would respond “The captain of the Enterprise B was Captain Rachel Garret.” Pulling information via a CBS server. 

    If Apple were to do this it would not only increase Siri’s potential exponentially, it would also allow development to speed greatly with multiple teams developing software opposed to solely Apple.  This also gives developers another potential revenue stream selling plugins similar to apps for 99¢ to $5, and as with the App Store it gives consumers a secure and friendly place to enhance Siri and make it a more productive personal assistant.