Ordering prints in Aperture 3

  • Posted: 14 April 2013 09:34 PM

    My wife needs to order prints from our Aperture photo library stored on my iMac. Ok, so I get it all setup through screen sharing, so my wife can connect to my iMac in the attic from her Macbook in the living room. She goes through our Last 12 Months album and flags the images she wants to print (103! It’s been a while), and selects them all. And then she says “where’s the “order prints command like in iPhoto?” I start hunting around and I can’t find it. Anywhere. What the hell? So, just as an experiment, I select only one photo and right click it, and there in the menu is Output>Order Prints. Huh? So I select all 103 again, and right click, Output> ... Order Prints is gone. It’s also greyed out in File>Order Prints. Looks like I can select only 20 different photos before the Order Prints command gets greyed out. This makes no sense, since I know she has ordered more than 50 different images before using iPhoto. When I setup Aperture 3 I made sure to use the new shared library feature. So I quit Aperture, open iPhoto 11 and head to the Flagged album. There are the 103 photos. Select all, File>Order Prints… No problem! Works! What the hell is going on? So right now my solution is to just use iPhoto to pick and order stuff. Ok, that’ll work, but what is going on with Aperture? Is it not possible to order more than 20 different prints at a time? I’m glad I kept iPhoto around, but I didn’t realize it would be necessary. Anyone have any insight on this? Did I run into a bug? With my new RAW workflow since I just got a new camera, I’m not sure how my adjustments will translate now that I have to throw iPhoto back in the mix. Thanks for any ideas.



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