miracle cure for arthritic dinosaur? 

  • Posted: 18 April 2013 09:09 AM

    I have a Mac Pro 2008 quad core intel xeon 2 x 2.8 ghz with 14 gb of memory, 4 massive internal hard drives and 4 even more massive external lacie hard drives.

    I have neglected it and so am still on 10.5.8. I also have Final Cut Pro 6.06, and Logic Pro 8.02. And whilst all these things work together, even Firefox is telling me it can’t cope with such an ancient OS.

    So I am thinking that I would like to bring the OS and these two Pro softwares right up to date. Can anyone give me any advice on where to go from here?

    In other words, how I get this dinosaur to move smoothly and without hiccups towards a better, more paradisic life from

    OS 10..5.8 to OS Mountain Lion;
    Final Cut Pro 6.06 to FInal Cut Pro X;
    Logic Pro 8.02 to Logic Pro 9

    Given the cost and dangers involved in modernising three big old applications, might it be a better option to keep it as it is, use the machine woth 10.5.8 simply for when I use Logic and Final Cut and get a new smaller mac to use for the internet?

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    Posted: 19 April 2013 01:24 PM #1

    Martin — you’re asking all the right questions which, unfortunately, means we can’t really give you a clear answer. wink And by that I mean: it’s up to you how much you are willing to risk by doing the move versus freezing that computer in time and getting a new one.

    THe one thing I’ll offer is: clone, upgrade, and test. If you make a clone of the drive as it is now, then you can upgrade everything and test to see what life will be like with that machine on all the new software.


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  • Posted: 20 April 2013 03:18 AM #2

    thanks for taking the time to reply Dave.

    As I was writing it the answer in the form of the unanswerable started to dawn.

    Given what it would probably cost, I think I’ll just get a mini and use it for internet, email and basic word processing.