iPad Apps- “Augmented Reality”

  • Posted: 23 April 2013 03:07 AM

    Media experts are going gaga over the increasing trends over the usage of apps that has changed the world in a different manner and continue to do so. Apps that are related to individual’s surroundings have gained popularity in recent times. Technology has increased has the usage of such apps. It is expected that the usage is only going to increase in coming times so much so that according to the social media reports as much as 2.5 billion downloads are expected to be downloaded each year by the year 2017!

    This seems only the beginning where the technology has taken a toll on humans and has revolutionized the very way life is was being spend by us. With every passing day more and more improvement is expected in apps development whether we talk about iPad development or any other device development. iPad has been a big influence on apps users and though it was speculated that the device will not be able to cater the need of people but surprisingly it has been a big hit and has also boost the apps development.

    These apps are called “augmented reality” because they tend to enhance the real world experience. These apps are used in many different things now days and many businesses have gained quite a lot because of apps development. The role of social media is also to be appreciated in this age, especially apps development related to Facebook. It tends to change quite lot of things and has a major influence on business development and marketing. Facebook app developers have been quite busy for past couple of years in designing apps that could help retain Facebook as the leading social platform. 

    There are a number of apps that are being used on daily basis and are becoming increasingly popular among all age groups. One such category that is being used by users of all ages is that of locations apps. These apps help you find location of people and places any where across the globe. The recent trend is about location based applications. These applications make use of information of a particular place and then using that information they help you solve your queries; such as a very popular trend in recent times is that you can get all the information regarding the buying details of a house by just pointing your smart phone in the direction of that house.

  • Posted: 26 April 2013 01:50 PM #1

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