Java use of CPU

  • Posted: 02 May 2013 09:41 PM

    John, Dave,

    I recently added the new Java app to Safari, enabling it again after the recent security issues caused me to trash it. But when watching streaming video in Safari, I found my Mac Air running 10.6.8 would almost immediately start the cooling fan. This wasn’t happening watching the same type of streaming video on Chrome. So I checked the CPU usage in Activity Monitor and found that Chrome running YouTube was using a bit over 7% of CPU time and Safari running Java to show the same video was over 40% of CPU (and the roar of the fans). I like using Safari for most of my browsing, if for no other reason than the implementation of 1Password is much smoother than Chrome’s. I don’t going back and forth between two browsers, so I’m wondering if my analysis is correct, or there’s some other reason why Mac Air fans are spinning up?

    Thanks for a great program.