Problem with Mac Outlook/Exchange account

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    Posted: 16 May 2013 09:19 AM


    At the company where I work, there are only two Macs: I have one, as does a senior executive. Yesterday, I was asked to help out the senior exec, who was having trouble with his email. He’s running Office: Mac 2011 and Outlook, just as I am. (Both of us are running Mountain Lion, and all software updates are installed on both machines.) His problem is that Outlook keeps freezing up when trying to sync to the Exchange server.

    I added his account to my own Outlook on my Mac, and sure enough, Outlook froze up on my Mac, too, when trying to sync his account to the server. I also have a Dell running Win 7. When adding his account to Outlook on it, the Windows machine was able to sync the account. However, after adding the account I noticed the Dell was running the fan much more than ever before, to the point where I could hear it really start to whine then back down at regular intervals. Bear in mind that Outlook was the only app running on the Dell. (I deleted his account from it today, and sure enough, the fan noise is gone.)

    So…it’s a day later and neither myself, the senior exec, or others in my IT department have been able to figure this out. We think it has something to do with his calendar, maybe a corrupted file attachment. Anyone have any ideas?


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  • Posted: 26 June 2013 02:26 PM #1

    I’d start by asking the IT department to check the Exchange server sync logs. They should pinpoint what’s causing the hangup. On your Mac, does the Console log show any pertinent errors? It might at least give you a clue if it’s an email or calendar issue.


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