iCal & Exchange - iCal does sync properly

  • Posted: 11 June 2013 02:50 PM

    I recently (in the last 3 months) stopped using iCal for my work calendaring software due to the fact it does not sync correctly with MS Exchange.  Where I am having the issue is it does not seem to recognize that recurring meetings have actually been canceled or removed from Exchange.

    After searching the web, I have not been able to find a solution.  So out of frustration started using Outlook purely for the calendar.  Any suggestions?


    Mike Shea

  • Posted: 21 June 2013 09:47 PM #1

    I’d recommend asking the systems administrator to check the Exchange server log files for your login name and see what, if any, error messages come up. That’d be a good place to start.


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    Posted: 01 July 2013 06:31 AM #2

    In the folder /users/Eugene/Library/Calendars, then delete “Calendar Cache” and “Calendar Sync Changes”, hopefully it will work for you then


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