Clean install of my iMac for Mavericks

  • Posted: 20 July 2013 10:33 AM

    Hi all

    I have a 2011 imac that has an SSD and a 2 TB HD.  Its not a fusion drive.  I currnently have it set up that all my libraries….itunes, iphoto, aperture, etc are on the 2 tb drive.  I was thinking i wanted to do a clean install for mavericks.  Just seeing if anyone would think there would be issues when i reformat the SSD…i should just be able to point those applications from the SSD to the old libraries on the 2 TB drive….?  I mean, i want to avoid any iTunes library complications….its a rather large one and i’d rather not have to restore it from a backup



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    Posted: 26 July 2013 10:17 AM #1

    Yeah, this should totally work. I’ve done it before with prior OS’es and it’s worked just fine. Havne’t tried with Mavericks yet but… I expect it would work just the same.


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