What about OS X Mountain Lion drives you crazy?

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    Posted: 09 August 2013 07:23 AM #16

    Nothing much about Mountain Lion drives me crazy. Everything that drives me crazy was introduced in Lion, and all Mountain Lion tried to do was fix some of it.

    Full Screen Apps - nice idea but so half-baked in Lion, slightly better in ML.

    Auto Save / Auto Resume - two very stupid ideas, especially that latter and especially if you don’t have an SSD. I have the “restart apps” checkbox unchecked when I reboot, but this is ignored whenever an update requires a reboot. And why is there no option to disable this nonsense? I don’t want Safari to open every tab I had open the last time I shut it. But when I tell it that, it still no longer warns me that I have multiple tabs open when I close Safari.

    Update - Apple PLEASE add a Cancel button to the notification. This does drive me crazy.

    Photostream - seems to work now - after having to delete multiple copies of photos from everywhere a half dozen or more times.

    Safari history swiping - Behaves differently to the Back Button, and is rubbish if you’re on an HTTPS page, or, for example, phpMyAdmin or similar pages. And why does going back cause the page to refresh? Yes, it’s almost possible to switch that off, but why is it necessary to enable debugging options to do that?

    Messages - Works when it feels like it, which isn’t very often.

    iCloud generally - Ditto for Messages

    Hiding scroll bars - if you absolutely have to highlight some text that just happens to be where the scrollbar will be when you try, too bad.

    Drab icons - Snow Leopard had character. Lion and ML have such dull and drab icons and toolbars. Bring back some colour, for the love of God!

  • Posted: 09 August 2013 08:10 AM #17

    When you minimise an application to the dock then select it from the “command+tab” menu it doesn’t restore the app although the menu bar switches to the menus for that program.

    Repeated selecting of the icon in the command + tab menu has the same effect.

    Tested with 2013 Haswell MacBook Air

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    Posted: 09 August 2013 02:51 PM #18


    The lack of the “Empty Cache” command in the Safari menu, the flat, all-gray Finder Favorites icons (what is this, System 6?), and how it occassionally takes about a bazillion mouse clicks to wake it from sleep. Agreed, Snow Leopard was their best OS to date, and what I’m still running at home.

    I do like the Notifications, though, in ML.


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  • Posted: 09 August 2013 03:23 PM #19

    My biggest beef about interfaces in general (and Mountain Lion is guilty of this too) is when a page is loading and I scroll down before it is finished, frequent jumping back to the top occurs as portions of the rendering are completed. Related to this is in Finder directory list views, especially when listed by date, when I select some item then scroll further down to look for something else, the focus jumps back up to the selected item unless I quickly click something in the current view area.

    Another thing, maybe there is a way that I do not know of, but it would be extremely helpful to cause sorting of items using an echelon of keys (in Finder and Mail). For example, sort by type and then by date within the types.

  • Posted: 09 August 2013 05:07 PM #20

    PS The “Save As..” in Mountain Loin isn’t the same as it was pre-Lion. The functionality:
    - Lion/Mountain Lion: Save As… = Save + Duplicate +Save As… (original is changed, new is created with changes)
    - Pre-Lion: Save As… =  Duplicate + Revert Original To Last Saved + Save As… (original is preserved, new is save with updates)

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    Posted: 09 August 2013 05:38 PM #21

    bigPaise - 09 August 2013 03:23 PM

    Another thing, maybe there is a way that I do not know of, but it would be extremely helpful to cause sorting of items using an echelon of keys (in Finder and Mail). For example, sort by type and then by date within the types.

    That’s possible in Finder, don’t know about mail.

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  • Posted: 10 August 2013 01:37 AM #22

    Thanks scottnch !
    I didn’t know about option clicking the sort headers or the arrange-by menu for the same effect as your keyboard shortcuts.

  • Posted: 11 August 2013 08:48 AM #23

    I still use Snow Leopard for mainly one reason

    The removal of the RSS feature in Safari… There is no simpler way to read the latest news feeds than the Safari RSS feature in Snow Leopard. Please, can someone explain to me why it was removed. I have tried a number of Feed Readers but none are as simple and at the same time informative of the articles. Going down a list of headlines with photos and a few lines of text, and command/clicking the ones I want to read to open them in a new tab, is as easy as it gets. Please Apple, bring it back and I promise to upgradeā€¦