What social networks do you use, how old are you, and what do you do?

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    Posted: 30 August 2013 07:22 PM


    OK, I admit that I’m asking a lot here, but partly for professional reasons, and partly just out of curiosity, I’m curious as to what social networks people are using these days. There are literally hundreds, although the big names (that I know of) seem to be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ (many members, but how may user?s??), Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

    I’ll go first: I’m a 48-year old webmaster (day job) and freelance web developer (numerous side jobs) with a lot of cats. Facebook is my main social network, where I post most often. I am also on LinkedIn, where my profile is sadly in need of updating. I have several Twitter accounts, but only manage to lurk there and see others’ tweets. Same with Instagram pics (never posted one yet), Google+ (have account, never log in), and Pinterest (posted a few, then lost “pinterest”...sorry, couldn’t resist).

    TMO, chime in, at the very least to get these forums going again! They just haven’t been as active since the “Apple beleaguered” days. smile

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  • Posted: 29 December 2013 01:16 AM #1

    I’m 32 and I have accounts on a number of services, but the only ones I use regularly are Facebook and Twitter. In the past I was using several but couldn’t motivate myself to keep up with all of them. It just took too much time and attention. So I decided to focus on the ones that most of my friends are using.

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  • Posted: 28 January 2014 07:04 AM #2

    I’m 73, moderately technology literate, somewhat private in terms of personal - family information, etc.  I do not use social media.  I’m able to communicate quite nicely w/ those who matter to me w/o posting information far and wide.  For example, if I want to share info w/ you, I’ll either call or email you—simple, eh?

    Social media does provide me w/ great entertainment in that when someone posts revealing info, then cringes when the entire social media universe ends up w/ the knowledge, I roar w/ laughter.

  • Posted: 12 April 2014 01:36 AM #3

    I’m 30 I am a shopkeeper, i keep my own store, I mostly use facebook to promote my products.

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    Posted: 02 June 2014 04:15 PM #4

    52 year old actor.
    Very techy (formerly an IT manager)
    Active on Tumblr. Post, browse, friend, like, the whole nine yards. Over 150 followers.
    Monitor a feed or two on Twitter, but never post. I don’t have any followers.
    Monitor a couple of theater and filmmaker groups on Facebook, though I never post or like or anything like that. No ‘friends’, as I used a stage name so few people know it’s me.

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  • Posted: 16 September 2014 01:25 PM #5

    30 Years Old. I’m in Finance.

    Actively on Facebook and Instagram =)