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  • Posted: 31 August 2013 03:20 PM

    Hello I’ve just joined so if this question has already been asked please point me in the right direction - as I have had a look but not able to find a definitive answer yet…
    I get photo stream…. And how it works - take pictures on mobile devices and “bingo” there every where….

    However I’ve just noticed that a larger number of pictures (2300) I put on the iMac - just for storage - are now on all my mobile devices..!!
    I just want to know if I can stop any pictures that I put on the iMac being transferred to all these other devices that are linked to photo stream?
    I thought it was only a “one way” sharing by default…?

    I am running iPhoto on an iMac


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    Posted: 04 September 2013 10:52 AM #1

    You should be able to go into iPhoto > Preferences > Photo Stream and disable uploads. Screenshot attached.


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