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    Posted: 25 September 2013 10:46 PM

      I have a bad habit lately of taking the p*ss out of Apple for morphing into a Sony-like all purpose electronic entity that seemingly relies on phones and tabs for today’s glory. I come from the days when Apple was Apple Computer, not Apple Inc. and I was one of the first to join this great site when the actual existence of Apple was in question and joking aside, the famous “ADK” was not so funny for a while. I went through Pepsi-face, PerformaCentrisSe-x,SE,  (btw - y’all know the naming schemes of the SE’s and II’s were a “sentence”  - S, SE, S2? Si, Se(x) ? the SE X was changed to SE “x” at last minute but I dye grass) . We paid top dollar for unigue OS on cool hardware wrapped in sick Ives. So cool. We felt good in paying to support the Pirate. Not so much now. Phones? OK I’ll move on.
      Make believe Steve is all done with phones and tabs, he’s bored and he has a LOT of bank.
    Taking into account the HISTORY of Apple’s real innovation in THINKING DIFFERENT, where would YOU go with Apple’s resources to make a difference in the next 20 years?  Here’s my 2¢ :
      1.) might be too late but I’d go full tilt into trying to make the “go to” interface in hyrbrid/electric/ and luddite cars. H-U-G-E market that I think if Steve was hip he would’ve had the Top Six mfg in the world signed up for the de-facto best hands free OS in an automobile - from starting remotely to ALL HVAC and Infotainment. Imagine that silver Apple logo in 3D on the heads up display of your Viper?
      2.) Still room to simplify and do an Apple OS version of TVs - actual TVs not boxes unless the boxes evolve to telling TV’s how to accept 3-D motion control. The actual 4k TV would basically read my mind before I’d physically have to “move” to change anything. (ez peasy)
    3.) Throw into or buy TESLA. Everybody knows Elon will sell out after the $30k car comes out. His dream isn’t to compete with GM. Apple could buy a car company and use it as a platform for every damn technological environment-in-a-box for the next 20 years until Apple sells it to the Panda (aka China)
    4.) AppleHyperLoop ??
    Lemme know.   


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