Author claims Bill Gates made Internet grow

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    Posted: 26 September 2013 11:32 AM


    Wow. This is just wrong on so many levels I literally can’t count the stupid:

    The Internet would not have grown as quickly as it did without Bill Gates. The Microsoft founder standardized software for the personal computers that are now linked together on the Internet.

    It gets better, and by that I mean worse:

    From our current perspective, it is obvious that software needs to be compatible with other software. But, in the 1980s, before Microsoft made Gates a billionaire, it was actually common to find computers even within a single office with different operating systems and software products like word processing. Gates saw through the disorder and provided standards that made PCs more useful, setting the stage for the Internet.

    This guy is writing for NASDAQ, and he is writing out of such ignorance it boggles the mind. He’s obviously never heard of the NSF, Tim Berners-Lee, NeXT, TCP/IP, LAMP, and all the other things that built the Internet as we know it today that have nothing whatsoever to do with Windows or Microsoft or Bill Gates. Microsoft, in fact, was even late to the Internet party, hence the rise of Netscape.

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