Little Orphan Apps

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    Posted: 04 October 2013 09:24 AM

    I’ve got 3 iDevices
    An iPad 1st Gen, a iPod touch 3rd Gen, and an iPhone 5 .

    I’ve got 259 iOS applications lurking in iTunes and some of them were spur of the moment downloads. (they were free, and I thought, why not give this or that a spin)

    I’d really like to flush out the orphan apps I haven’t got installed on any of my iOS devices.
    I reckon I could just empty the iTunes iOS apps folder in the finder, and then sync my devices and that should copy back the apps that are installed on my iOS devices, but that sounds a bit drastic and I’m just a bit concerned that it might backfire on me.

    Is there a way to simply list those apps not installed on any of my devices ?



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