iOS 7 is a visual mess

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    Posted: 24 October 2013 03:27 PM


    There. I said it. iOS 7 is a visual mess.

    After using iOS 7 since Day 1, I am liking it less and less; specifically, the interface elements. Because there really aren’t any, and IMHO iOS 7 is actually harder to use that iOS 6. The Phone and Music apps are flat and whitened-out to the point of being ridiculous, the music app no longer let’s you select an artist and see a list of said artist’s albums and then select an album and see what songs are on it (WTF?), and overall the buttons don’t even look like buttons.

    Look at OS X and you can easily separate interface elements from content. Not so in iOS 7, period.

    Getting rid of fake green felt, leather, and torn pages is one thing, but despite my love of Sir Jony’s hardware, I’m hoping iOS 8 brings a major revision to the look of this software. And that he never messes with the OS X interface.

    And yes, I think the icons are terrible, too, as is the color palette. I still haven’t upgraded my iPad 2, and using the two side-by-side I certainly prefer iOS 6 on the iPad more. Anyone else feel Apple went just way too far with the graphical changes to iOS 7? The features are great, but it just doesn’t even look that much “Apple” to me.

    I remember how lots of articles wrote about how iPhone and iPad were so easy to use toddlers were figuring them out with no adult input. I bet that wouldn’t be the case now, at least not as much.

    Another thing: iOS 7 reminds me a LOT of OS X 10.0, but in the opposite direction: OS X 10.0 was too “likable” and three-dimensional and candy-colored, but with each iteration things were toned down to where the interface became classy, unobtrusive, and mainly easy-to-use. Hopefully iOS will follow a similar path and eventually make interface elements stand out just a bit more, and maybe add just a bit of depth back to buttons so, you know, they look like buttons.

    Finally, if everyone was so intent on getting rid of skeumorphic (sp, I know) elements like fake green felt, why does the camera app still take a picture and play a 35mm camera shutter sound when the iPhone has no shutter? Isn’t that audio skeumorphism???

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