QTKitServer (Safari Web Content) error

  • Posted: 26 October 2013 01:12 AM

    I copied the below message from a previous discussion I created that I marked as solved, but ended up having the problem come back a few days later.

    Safari causes my CPU usage to skyrocket which causes my MBP to freeze. Aside from an online backup service I use, Safari was the only thing active at the time. I’ve found Safari to be the problem since neither Chrome nor Firefox cause this to happen. I did a force quit on Safari a couple of times (and eventually reset Safari) and still am having the issue. I don’t have Java enabled due to its recent rash of security problems. I don’t have any extensions installed that don’t come recommended by a trustworthy source. Activity monitor shows ‘Safari web content’ CPU usage at 100%. Anyone have any suggestions as to why this may be happening and how I can remedy it?

    OK. So this turned out to only work for a short time. Most recently, I done troubleshooting that included:

    1. unlinking dropbox from the computer (didn’t work)

    2. removing all video files that didn’t work with QuickTime to alleviate any issues that QTKitServer has trying to check for QT compatibility amongst files. In addition, to what I read in this Apple support article, I’ve seen a recurring theme relating to QTKitServer issues with corrupt (or incompatible) files.

    To reproduce the problem, I can play videos on youtube (for this test i watched events on the Apple channel) and watch the QTKitServer (Safari Web Content) error eventually appear. Though the times vary for the appearance of the error, it goes away immediately after closing the Youtube vids in Safari. I don’t have flash installed, so only non-flash vids will play (though attempting to play a flash vid will also cause the error). However, watching these same vids on the Apple website or on Youtube in Chrome doesn’t cause the error. Between Youtube in Chrome and the Apple website in Safari, I’m playing 4 vids simultaneously with no QTKitServer errors.

    So, Safari has an issue with playing vids on Youtube. I however, have no idea what to do about that. Any suggestions for further troubleshooting or does anyone have a fix for this?

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