Adobe Flash Update installer page being blocked by Safari

  • Posted: 26 November 2013 02:13 PM


    A little baffled here and hoping someone can help.

    Always mild anxiety concerning Adobe’s Flash plug in and it’s vulnerabilities, so I try to stay up to date with it.

    Okay.. but.. I have come across some weirdness and am wondering what your thoughts are on it before I proceed.

    Here’s the set up:

    Have Mac Mini running 10.7.5 (yes.. I know.. I am going to update this to Mavericks as soon as I have some time) and Safari 6.1.

    In Safari, on a webpage, when all of a sudden Flash Player Install Manager pops up asking if I want to install an update. I hesitate, but.. okay.. sure.. need to keep Flash updated.

    Seems I am still running Plug-in version 11.9.900.117. The latest is version 11.9.900.152. Oops…

    So.. I click on it and it goes to the page. Click on the Install button and I get this: a grey black page with the words; “Plug-in blocked for this website.”

    If I click on this message, the pop down says: ‘Do you want to trust the website “” to use the “Speed Download Plugin” plug-in? You can manage which websites you trust to use this plug-in in the Security pane of Safari preferences.’

    What is this? All I want to do is update Flash.

    Going directly to Adobe’s website and the behavior is the same. Same messages.

    So.. it’s blocking my ability to update Adobe Flash. Is this because I have an old version of Adobe Flash? Can’t get the new version because I have the old version?

    Is this because Safari and Flash hate each other?

    Do I? Do I trust it? Not really.. but.. I do need to update Flash. Right?

    I may be overly cautious, but didn’t think it would hurt to ask, before proceeding.

    Hope asking is okay.

    If you have any ideas as to what is going on, and/ or ideas of how best to proceed, that would be great.

    Thank you so much.

    Charlotte (aka vanisher in the MGG live chats)

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  • Posted: 26 November 2013 02:40 PM #1

    Oh Gosh Darn It!!

    I really am going to have to get some more sleep.


    So.. all it’s asking is do I trust the fact that I have another plug-in enabled for another app called Speed Download that will do the downloading of the plug-in update. Answer should be that I do trust it. I have it enabled, don’t I?


    See.. somehow I always seem to have to make a very public demonstration of my gross silliness before figuring things out. Yeah.. couldn’t be after, could it. No…

    So.. everything’s okay.. it’s all updated. It’s cool.

    Also.. a very big Roseanne Roseannadanna styled “NEVER MIND” is in order.

    Sorry for the trouble.