Need recommendation for aptX Bluetooth transmitter for iPhone 5

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    Posted: 06 December 2013 03:36 PM

    I want to buy a set of Bluetooth stereo headphones for use with my iPhone ( I tend to trip on cords unless I’m sitting down).  There are quite a few good ones on the market—Harman Kardon BT, Bose AE2w, Parrot Zik—but I’ve read that Bluetooth sound quality is lacking.  I did some research and most of the better Bluetooth stereo headphones support a technology called aptX.  aptX Loss-less supports high-definition audio up to 96 kHz sampling rates and sample resolutions up to 24 bits.  Sounds great! But ... none of Apple’s iPhones support aptX.  Harman Kardon used to make aptX 30 pin adapter for the iPhone but has discontinued it.  I’ve done my own research but can’t find anything that will work with the lightning connector on the iPhone 5/5S/5C.


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