Do I need trim enabled for Samsung 840 EVO SSD?

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    Posted: 10 December 2013 05:57 PM

    I have had 2 minis, my first was an early 2009 that I put an OCZ Agility 3 SSD into. The current mid 2011 model has an Agility 4 that I installed. OCZ says that neither one needs trim enabled because they have improved garbage collection.

    This week, as a Christmas gift, I bought an SSD for my dad’s late 2009 mini. I intended to buy a refurb Agility 3 since I am familiar with it and it was on sale. The sales person told me that OCZ filed for bankruptcy and steered me to the Samsung 840 EVO, also on sale.

    I have no experience with this SSD. Nor does Samsung have much information on their site for Mac users. The salesman said it was “natively supported on Mac.” The drive works great and seems to have the latest firmware, but I wonder if I need to enable trim. Does anyone have that information?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Posted: 14 December 2013 10:25 AM #1

    Read towards the end:

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    Posted: 16 December 2013 01:28 PM #2

    Great! That was what I was looking for! Thanks a bunch!