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  • Posted: 06 March 2014 12:05 PM

    I’m running 10.9.2 on both my home and work iMacs. I got Messages to work on my work computer and both my iPad / iPhone. They all sync just fine. The issue is my home iMac. When I launch Messages I get the top menu but almost all the items in the drop downs are grayed out. I can’t even open the preferences or add an account. With FaceTime, I login with my Apple ID as instructed but when i gets the verification I get ‘Server encountered error, try again…”.

    Am I doing something wrong?  I’m totally stumped at the moment and I’m sure it’s silly thing I’m overlooking. Any help would be appreciated.

    Hardware Overview…
    iMac (HOME):  late 2007 / 4 GB / 1 TB / running 10.9.2
    iMac (WORK):  late 2013 / 32GB / 3 TB / running 10.9.2
    iPad Air
    iPhone 5

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    Posted: 07 March 2014 08:45 AM #1

    First I would try deleting

    Second would be to reset your Keychain. CAUTION: THIS WILL DELETE ALL OF YOUR STORED PASSWORDS.