Do you guys know how to play a Blu-ray disc on Mac?

  • Posted: 26 May 2014 11:59 PM

    I have an iMac. Today I borrow some Blu-ray disc movie from my friend since he always says how great it is to watch a Blu-ray movie. He has a stand-alone Blu-ray player. while I wanna it be played on my Mac. Do you guys know what player I need because I haven’t open it yet until now.

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    Posted: 29 May 2014 10:54 AM #1

    I’ve used several. Leawo’s works fine, as does Macgo’s (which appears remarkably similar to Aurora’s). It’s a world of shady software, but those 3 seem to work.


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  • Posted: 26 November 2014 05:45 AM #2

    Anything that’s fully functional (and legal) isn’t going to be free, because the DRM tech needs to be licensed and that costs the software vendor money. Apple’s own “solution” of streaming / downloading movies from iTunes is NOT really better, at least for people who value the quality of video/audio. I use both the latest model of AppleTV and Macgo Blu-Ray player and I still prefer to buy BluRay disks for movies (for TV series the visual/audio quality of iTunes content is acceptable enough).

  • Posted: 17 December 2014 07:07 AM #3

    I tried Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player on my 13” Retina MacBook Pro, using an external LG Blu-ray drive. Connected to my amplifier and projector through HDMI I am getting a DTS audio output as well.
    All works fine folks. Thanks!

  • Posted: 25 December 2014 04:20 AM #4

    @SeanAllison That’s very kind of you. Thanks for the useful information you provided.