Pages ‘11 creates MASSIVE Word files

  • Posted: 19 June 2014 05:01 AM

    Sorry if this has been raised before but when using Pages ‘09 all exported Word files were generally much smaller than the original Pages document.

    In Pages ‘11, however, the reverse is true. Here are the actual file sizes of 4 documents that only contain the same four words:

    Pages ‘09: 38kb
    Word version: 15kb

    Pages ‘11: 65kb
    Word version: 493kb

    Sending 0.5mb files is, of course, no issue, but I cannot understand why the exported Word files are so large and even why the new Pages ‘11 documents are twice the size of an equivalent ‘09 version.

    As an aside, I still much prefer Pages ‘09 and this is my default application for word processing. I look forward to anyone else’s experience and advice.

    Thank you.


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    Posted: 23 June 2014 09:26 AM #1

    I’ve seen this, too. It seems to be loading some foundation-type templates in there ... why, I don’t know. :(


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