Selling G4 Cube

  • Posted: 10 September 2001 05:24 AM

    High-en PowerMac G4 Cube, G4 500 MHZ. Sold in original box will all original manuals and software. In perfect condiiton, looks brand new. Still on warenty. I will ship it to you with a brand new apple pro keyboard in box (never opened). Best looking Mac ever.

    Mac OS X included


    PowerMac G4 500MHZ
    256 MB Ram
    40 GB Hard Drive
    Nvidia GeForce 2
    Apple Pro Keyboard, mouse and speakers.
    Power Supply and Cable
    Included Software + Mac OS X

    Display not included.

    $USD 2000.00 + Shipping (your choice)

  • Posted: 02 September 2001 01:08 PM #1

    Hey man,

    I just wanted to ask a few questions of you (I’m still shopping around).

    The warranty you mentioned, is it the standard one-year, or is that Apple Pro Care deal that’s 3 years?

    When was the computer purchased?

    Has the unit been used? 

    Has it experienced any external trauma (e.g., been dropped)?

    Any repairs?

    Is the price negotiable?


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  • Posted: 10 September 2001 05:24 AM #2

    Sorry for the late reply, I did’nt look back to my ad because I already sold the cube. Sorry. Is there any way to remove this thread?

    I hope you find yourself a good mac (are’nt they all)