Selling G4/400 with 896 RAM

  • Posted: 05 September 2001 10:38 PM

    Have a new Dual 800 on the way, and will be retiring my G4/400.
    She has 896 megs of RAM, and has been treated with much TLC.  To be honest the modem died a couple of months ago so I will toss in the external 56K. Have all of the orginial stuff (CDs and such)
    $1,000.  plus shipping (from Ohio)
    I also have a 15” Apple LED display,  HP DeskJet 870Cse, and older JVC CDR I will add or only $300. more.

  • Posted: 05 September 2001 10:38 PM #1

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!! Now I can buy some new stuff for the dual 800.
    Thanks to everyone to who took the time to read, and those of you who wrote.