A Quick Word About Mac Geek Gab Premium Edition

Today we launched the next chapter for our Mac Geek Gab podcast, the MGG premium edition available via subscription at US$25 for 6 months. Dave and John give you their quick take after the jump.

A Quick Word About Mac Geek Gab Premium Edition

Dec. 14, 2009 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version

Today we launched a new chapter with what we're calling Mac Geek Gab Premium. With listeners asking for more content and also simply a way to support the show directly, we decided to launch two extra episodes per month at the rate of $25 for a 6-month subscription. In addition to the extra episodes, you also get complete access to our entire archives, as well. 

To be clear, our intent is not to change anything for our existing listeners or sponsors. We very much appreciate the format we've used thus far and intend to continue that, as well. This is simply extra content for those who wish to have more and/or offer additional support the show.

We've provided the details here in the text, but a better description is available in a more podcast-appropriate audio format for all of you out there. We greatly appreciate your support and dedication over the past 4.5 years, and look forward to the next 4.5 (and the 4.5 after that!).

Thanks so much,
-Dave and John

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Dave Hamilton

Thanks SO much to all of you who have already become paying subscribers. We appreciate your support very much.




There are a few good Mac related podcasts, but this one is the best. I’ve never listened to one where I didn’t learn something. These guys also have an honest approach to troubleshooting, that is, they don’t pretend to know everything and really make the podcast a community effort. Have no problem paying for the extra work to get and extra podcast out of the deal. Thanks for the great work.


Took me only a few seconds of deliberation to decide that this is well worth my $25. If anyone can make six worthwhile shows a month, it’s everyone with MGG. I’m looking forward to see how this goes. (Whatever you do to make sure it stays interesting, guys, just ? don’t get caught.)

Brian Bayne

Just a note to say the premium content subscription was a very easy decision.  After listening to many of the Mac podcasts, your show is the most worthwhile and entertaining.  I look forward to the new one ever week…now there even is more!

Well done guys, and I hope the subscriptions help make it even more worth your while.

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