Mac Geek Gab #182: Geek Potluck Holiday Dinner: Questions, Tips, Tinfoil Hats and Rants!

John and Dave sync up for a crazy show in this crazy holiday week. The questions run all over from dual monitors to security certificates to MobileMe and everything in between. Dave even chimes in with a classic rant about MobileMe (did you think he wouldn't??). This is one for the books, folks. Subscribe today for free and never miss another episode!

Mac Geek Gab #182: Geek Potluck Holiday Dinner: Questions, Tips, Tinfoil Hats and Rants!

Dec. 23, 2008 — Download: MP3 Version (AAC Version Coming Soon)


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Regarding trust of digital certificates, the important thing to look at is the CA policy.  It specifies the procedures required by the CA to positively identify the certificate owner. 

Also, most certificates out on the web are what are called “Class 2” certificates, which have a lower standard for positively identifying the certificate owner.  The U.S. military uses Class 3, Class 4 (and Class 5 in the absolutely highest security environments) certificates.  Class 3 typically means in-person identification with multiple government credentials.  Obviously, the more stringent the identification requirements of the certificate owner are, the more you can trust that the certificate provider is who they say they are.  Then, if there is misuse of the certificate, attribution can be positively made to the owner and not be blamed on third parties.


Hi - Regarding ExpressCard and graphics docking for Mac, you can also consider ViDock Gfx Mac Edition from Village Tronic, same makers than ViBook, having two DVI Dual Link ports, each capable of one 30” screen. See a review at

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