Mac Geek Gab #194: Troubleshooting AirPort, Full Drives, Upgrades, NTFS

John and Dave discuss solutions for listeners' AirPort problems, full hard drives, what to do when sending a laptop in for repair and more. Then they share listener tips for connecting to NTFS file systems and decompressing RAR archives. Send in your question and the geeks will likely get you an answer, perhaps even on a future show! Subscribe now and never miss another episode again. It's free!

Mac Geek Gab #194: Troubleshooting AirPort, Full Drives, Upgrades, NTFS

Mar. 9, 2009 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Hey John and Dave.

I have a question which I guess is almost the same as Deborah’s.
My iMac has a 300GB HDD and running Tiger, with only 110 GB left. A lot of space is being used up because I have a lot of high definition videos on there. My computer has been getting slower and I added another 1GB of RAM to the 2GB that was already in there, thinking it would make the computer a little bit faster. However, I am still not happy. I tried monolingual too free up some space and that worked well. Now, I have a 500GB Time Capsule which I want to back up all my data to. However, I have two issues over this. One is: Will it free up space on my iMac’s HDD. (I dont really know this because Im only 13) and my second question is: what good program to back up all my stuff to the Time Capsule.
Any help would be much appreciated.

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