MGG 418: The Shadow Knows About Safari

Dave and John are back with a huge show this week, absolutely packed with questions, answers, tips, and cool stuff found. First it's helping Safari find its shadow, then solving some screensaver timing issues caused by Mountain Lion. John bought a new (cheap!) router that seems to work great, so he discusses that, too. Then it's some follow-ups to why your Mac's name might appear multiple times on your network, plus some advice for spreading your iTunes library around. And it wouldn't be the same if your geeks didn't answer a question about their own MGG App. All this and more, right here, for you, for free. Download today and enjoy!

MGG 418: The Shadow Knows About Safari

Sep. 23, 2012 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version

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Not sure if this where to post ideas but for the Guy who’s having trouble with Macs on a School Network, but could it be a conflict with IPv4 Vs IPv6 ?

Maybe the Router isn’t handling IPv4/IPv6 properly ?
Did the Guy try disabling IPv6 in System Preferences/Network/Advanced ?


Where do you actually *download* the show. I travel a lot, and like to listen from my iPhone. I used to download from this page, but now it just allows you to *play* the show (as far as I can tell). I bought the MGG app hoping that would provide a way to direct a download to me, but no dice. Now I’m using Audio Hijack Pro, but that’s pretty inconvenient.

What am I missing? Thanks!


I am with Nick on this one.
How do you download the show?

Dave Hamilton

The MGG App will definitely let you download the shows (either MP3 or AAC, your preference). Just tap the large download (down-arrow) button on the lower right corner, select the show(s) you want to download, and… down they will come! wink

As for downloading from this page, yes, that’s not a feature we added to the new design. We may do so at some point, but the goal of the new TMO design was to keep it clean and easy to read and navigate, without zillions of links in the way. The old podcast pages, especially, had really suffered from feature creep and were a mess of links all over the place. So with the new design this meant starting from scratch and only putting in necessary functionality. That meant some things would certainly be “missing” in the effort of keeping it clean. That said, we’re not opposed to bringing things back, and I think download links would be helpful for some of you. So ... it’s on the list!


Thanks Dave. Good to hear you’re re-considering the deletion of a download link here. While I can download to my iPhone, I like to listen from my mac as well. Frequently I’ll listen to several episodes sequentially in a playlist.

Right now I’m recording in the background while I work, using Audio Hijack Pro, then adding to iTunes so I can listen later wherever I happen to be.

Thanks again!

Tony H

Guys - just wanted to let you know that folks are having issues with namebench and OS/X 10.8. I opened an issue on google’s issues page.

It appears there may be a workaround for this, you may have covered it in the podcast - I have not listened yet -sorry if you did already.


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