MGG 420: Freeze, Click & Beachball (oh my?)

You fill up the mailbag, Dave and John give their all to answer everything that comes in. Listen to this week's episode to learn about finding files, solving freezes, why Mail might be slow, managing spam, using Siri to create reminders and how to kill zombies (the process kind, anyway!). All this and more... download today, it's free!

MGG 420: Freeze, Click & Beachball (oh my?)

Oct. 14, 2012 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Carl Bowser (Tucson, AZ)

In yesterday’s podcast you commented about the reliability of network extension solutions, listing a hard, ethernet cable as best, and wi-fi as the worst.  Technically there’s no quibble, but the approach in some houses require less than perfect solutions.  Our house has a complicated shape, and the distance from the cable company’s house connection and my office are at opposite sides of the house, and separated by several, thick walls.
We tried the electrical wiring solution, but found that the older wiring (1978) had problems with frequent resets required.  My office is on an independent electrical circuit from the rest of the house, and thus the wiring solution was out of the question.  The only solution is to use wi-fi.  Our local guru installed a Luxul system (basically a Netgear router and two wi-fi “horns” that broadcast the wi-fi signal directionally.  We get adequate signal strength flooding the required areas, and have had few problems with it.  Are you familiar with the Luxul product, and are there comparable, or better systems out there?

Thanks, you two are the most informative of all the podcasts I listen to.  Keep up the good work.

Dave Hamilton

Hey Carl—You make a really good point. Actually, quite a few!

There *are* obviously scenarios where Wi-Fi is the best/most cost-effective solution. And there are ways of doing Wi-Fi correctly. We’ll talk about this on an upcoming show, and I’ll gather the info on the stuff I’ve seen used here to get it done. We’ll mention the Luxul stuff, as well.

Thanks, Carl!

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