MGG 427: Cool Stuff Found

Dave's freshly back from vacation (by only an hour or so), and what does he do? He calls his friend (and podcasting cohort), John F. Braun, syncs up with all the folks in the Mac Geek Gab chatroom and together they blast out this Cool Stuff Found episode just for you! Download, tune in, and enjoy!

MGG 427: Cool Stuff Found

Dec. 9, 2012 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Jeff Miller

Along the lines of Briss, for iOS, Goodreader is a great option.

I get a good amount of review books in PDF format which I use to hate with a passion.  The iPad changed that making PDF quite readable, but the margins can be excessive.  Goodreader lets you set cropping and this works wonderfully giving you a full page of text.  While iBooks supports PDF fairly well. Goodreader has tons of options including connecting to multiple external sources such as Dropbox, cropping, and highlighting and notes.

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