MGG 584: It’s Saturday and I’m Still Looking For My Stapler

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Today's show includes a new segment: Quick Tips! Those simple things that we all do without thinking about it can really help others do the same, so we've started sharing. In addition to that, today's discussion includes Keychain First Aid in 10.11.2, a fix for Office365 locking up, upgrade advice, backup solutions and some geeky tips. Definitely enough here to get you through the holidays!

MGG 584: It’s Saturday and I’m Still Looking For My Stapler

Dec. 19, 2015 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Jak Keyser

I just happened to be looking at using a symbolic link for moving my iTunes iOS backups the other day. The first thing I wondered is what happens when I get my new iMac 5K and I use migration assistant. How will migration assistant handle iTunes and the symbolic link?

I’m also afraid I’ll forget that I did the symbolic link and how to undo it if needed.


While listening to the latest podcast, I heard you speak of a lot of solutions and workarounds for Mac issues, etc.  So I wondered if there are similar tools available for diagnosing and fixing network issues? 

For better or for worse, I’m diving head first into the networked home paradigm.  I have a Time Capsule hub with a couple of extenders handling the network load for two Mac’s, 4 iPads, 6 iPhones, 3 laptops, a number of Philips Hue lights, a Nest thermostat and 7 Nest Protects, Chamberlain garage door opener, Kuna security lights x 2, a WeMo plug, 2 AppleTV’s and an Okyo receiver.  Surprisingly, I haven’t had any major issues with my network, other than the need to reset the hubs every so often (AppleTV hangs, finicky laptop connections, etc).

Recently, I added two iDevice products:  a Switch and outdoor plug.  Setup was easy and the app is very slick.  But sure enough, they kept dropping connection after about 10 minutes of being set and reset.  There was also a noticeable ‘slow-down’ of network activity, but I couldn’t pinpoint the cause. I scoured the net and saw some mention of firmware upgrades helping.  But both units were updated to the latest firmware.  I contacted iDevice customer service, and they claimed that Nest products are causing some interference with iDevices, and that a fix was forthcoming. 

So I became interested in viewing the various players on my network and trying to figure out how I could do some self-troubleshooting.  I have WiFi Scanner on my Mac, and I seem to have a pretty consistent signal and good SNR.  But I’m not an expert at finding issues with network performance.  Any suggestions?

Thanks.  John.

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