MGG 407: Number 12 On The Beaufort Scale

Dave and John are back in the Monday evening slot this week, and it’s time to rock! Download, listen, and… enjoy.

MGG 407: Number 12 On The Beaufort Scale

Jul. 9, 2012 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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I bought photosweeper the other day and it’s good.  I got it on the mac app store.  It’s fast too.
PhotoSweeper URL

Why do you need PhotoSweeper?
Easy to find photos
Drag and drop folders to scan and find all photos inside them. Take advantage to work with photo libraries via the Media Browser. In addition, you can filter loading photos by file formats and photo size.

Flexible comparison settings
Use 6 different methods to find similar or duplicate photos even edited in external programs such Photoshop regardless of image size or format.

PhotoSweeper was developed to be extremely fast for comparing large number of photos. Using efficient caches allows you to make the next comparison much faster. You have an opportunity to regroup the results on-the-fly by changing a matching level of similarity.

Easy to manage photos
Review results in “Face-to-Face” or “Groups” mode. Put photos into a virtual container, “Box”. Delete, move, copy photos from the Box. Bulk rename photos while copying or moving.

Great photo browsing
PhotoSweeper provides an up-to-date photo browser with such features as: fast loading of thumbnails, Quick Look preview, drag and drop support, showing paths, ratings, labels, etc.

Good Mac Citizen
? Developed and tested on Lion (10.7)
? 64-bits and multi-core processors support (Grand Central Dispatch)
? Beautiful and easy-to-use user interface

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