MGG 435: Live from Macworld/iWorld 2013

Dave and John were out in San Francisco last week and recorded a Mac Geek Gab live from the Macworld/iWorld show floor. They took questions from listeners in a "Stump The Geek" style, and also shared some of the Cool Stuff Found at the Expo. There was unfortunately something wrong with the audio setup on the show floor resulting in over-driven audio as Dave explains in the show's intro, but we leave this out here for you just so you can choose whether or not you want to listen! Either way, your two favorite geeks will be back in action with MGG 436 on Sunday, the 10th!

MGG 435: Live from Macworld/iWorld 2013

Feb. 4, 2013 — Download: MP3 Version (AAC Version Coming Soon)


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I have listened to your shows for years, thank you.

The quality of the audio from the Macworld show was so bad I stopped listening before half way into it.

Dave Hamilton

@zichi — Totally understandable. I’m sure you heard my intro to the show about that, yes? Thankfully many folks made it all the way through — there’s some great Cool Stuff Found in there!

Jerry Schranz

Thanks for including JPEGmini in your coverage @Macworld. Always happy to put you in touch with one of their imaging scientists for an audio interview. Another great product you might want to cover is the free photo-sharing app for iPhones (beamr) should you wish to cover it - it’s powered on the back-end by JPEGmini.

Dave Peck

Thanks so much for mentioning—we were really honored to receive the Mac Observer’s Editor’s Choice award at Macworld this year. Lots of good stuff still in our pipeline, so stay tuned.

(PS: If I had a magic wand to wave for Internet security today, it would be to make everyone use HTTPS (and SSL) everywhere, always. Banks have wised up to this, but the vast majority of the Internet—including most of the world’s largest websites—haven’t wised up yet. So we think of Cloak as the next best option and by far the most pragmatic.)


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