MGG 209: The Long and Short of Mac Questions & RunCore SSD

Dave and John answer reader questions about b/g clients degrading 802.11n networks, hard drive troubleshooting, ExpressCard slot uses, stalling downloads, virtual memory on the iPhone, and Dave talks about his experience using a RunCore SSD drive on his MacBook Pro. Subscribe today for free and enjoy!

MGG 209: The Long and Short of Mac Questions & RunCore SSD

Jun. 29, 2009 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Hi There. Enjoyed the show.

One Question. Can anyone confirm that the MacbookPro Unibody with ExpressPort, allow the computer to be booted of an SSD ExpressPort installed in the machine.

This could mean that the OS would load off the SSD, you could then use the HDD as the main data drive.

Marc Edwards

Thanks John and Dave… We really appreciate you mentioning iStat.

Will give the podcast a listen now. Cheers!

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