MGG 210: iTunes, iPhoto, Printing Tips and Fixes, SSD Follow-up, and More!

John and Dave answer your questions and share tips about iTunes libraries, iLife and iPhoto support, Resetting Mac OS X's Printing System, System Maintenance Scripts, and then a follow-up discussion of SSD drives for your Mac.  John also talks about some Cool Stuff Found at a recent PepCom show.  Subscribe today for free!

MGG 210: iTunes, iPhoto, Printing Tips and Fixes, SSD Follow-up, and More!

Jul. 7, 2009 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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hey guys,
thanks for the link. i listened to the podcast section about download speeds and you’re absolutely in the same situation i was in. that’s what lead me to start diagnosing MTU sizes. i recommend anyone experiencing network speed issues follow the steps in the article you linked to: “How to manually detect MTU”

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Thanks for sharing this. This is great.

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It’s unbelieveable how often something will go wrong with a printing job, so replacement parts and tools are a factor. I’d say labor, paper, and ink are really your main costs of teh actual printing. You also have all the design work ahead of time too, but that might fall under content in the case of a newspaper.Banner Printing


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