MGG 216: Snow Leopard Coming, New MGG Forums, Bad DVD Drives, More!

John and Dave are back at it.  Snow Leopard WILL be here this Friday, and John and Dave go through some preliminary steps to help you prepare for the move. There's also a new forum for MGG listeners and hosts to hang out here at TMO, plus more Mac geeky goodness all within.  Subscribe today for free and don't miss another episode with your two favorite geeks!

MGG 216: Snow Leopard Coming, New MGG Forums, Bad DVD Drives, More!

Aug. 24, 2009 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Hi guys, great show as always, full of information I can’t get from any other podcast. On the suggestions side, I would love it if John could put a high pass filter on his channel - or put a couple more inches of air between mouth and mic to reduce proximity effects…

Sam Gross

There is a way for you to adapt a firewire charging cable to a USB charging cable.
There are adapters (a bit pricey at ~$30, but less than a new R-Class) available from Scosche and from Griffin that will solve the problem of firewire charging pins.

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