MGG 233: Hackintosh, Page Outs, Shutdown Scripts, IPs

Dave Hackintoshed a Dell Mini 10v over the weekend, and he and John talk through that process -- it's easier than you might think! Then he and John answer some of your questions and share your tips with topics including swap files, pageouts, shutdown scripts, finding IP addresses and much, much more!

MGG 233: Hackintosh, Page Outs, Shutdown Scripts, IPs

Dec. 28, 2009 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Guys, if this episode were available for $2.99, I’d buy it in an instant. I only occasionally have time to listen to the free ones, and just wouldn’t get $25 of value out of the premium subscription.


Guys, contrary to the other post, I for one am more than happy to support the show and gladly paid for the subscription. With the wealth of information that you guys provide every week 25.00 is a value and a half.

Thanks not only for the job you do but for the witty banter that you provide each and every week.


Great job guys.  Gladly paid for the subscription!!

Dave Hamilton

Thanks, all. mohawk585 and mplaisance thanks much for subscribing.

Bosco, I appreciate your input. Managing smaller payments and subscriptions just isn’t part of our model or design here. As for the $25 of value, to me it seems like that might come in the answer to one question on one show. If it’s something that’s vital or important to you, $25 is cheap. We figure everyone gets that type of value at *least* once every 6 months, and that’s how we look at the pricing on it. Pay once, get access to all the content you wish to download. Hopefully you have 5 or 6 “a-ha!” moments every 6 months, and that makes it even cheaper when you average ‘em out! grin


I don’t know how easy it would be to write an iPhone container-app for AAC files, but you might consider either selling (a) individual show-apps, or (b) selling (or providing for free) a MacObserver app giving access to free shows, then selling premium shows as in-app purchases.

Dave Hamilton

Thanks for your comments, BakedAlaska. Again, at this point we don’t wish to sell individual episodes. That’s just not the point of what we’re doing with the premium subscription option. That may change some day, but not right now.


You Welcome.  You guys are great.  Have learned a lot from the show.  I’ll stay subscribed!

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