MGG 254: Storage, AirDisk, 10.6.3 Woes, SD Cards, and WebKit

John and Dave have a TON to go through this week. The mailbag was overflowing with your follow-ups and tips from previous weeks, so your two favorite geeks discuss those and answer some of your questions. First, though, they talk through having — and solving — some 10.6.3-related issues as well as what these WebKit changes mean to you.

MGG 254: Storage, AirDisk, 10.6.3 Woes, SD Cards, and WebKit

Apr. 12, 2010 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Do you guys have a discount code for Yojimbo?

Jared Bell

Hey Guys, I tried the web sharing tip you gave in Ep 254, but all my browsers don’t recognise Alias’ as folders. You click on them and they just download a file. The only way I can see it working is if the complete folder is in there. Are you able to expand what you said. Cheers.


I have the same issue with Web Sharing as state so eloquently by Jared Bell.  An alias yields a long file full of gibberish and file listings.


yep, me too!


Me too but I’ve done some digging and found some useful info.
Dragging Aliases in Finder just doesn’t work for me. It results in a browser full of gibberish.
You need to oen the terminal and create symbolic links.
Using ~/name/Sites is not the best place for the links.

Anyway, I have written up a hopefully easy to understand guide and it can be found here -


Thanks HitchHiker! Worked like a champ!

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